Code Of Conduct


We believe that self discipline is the basis of emotional intelligence, and so, at GNS-N we encourage our learners to take responsibility for their actions. Our Code of Conduct shows the way by emphasizing love and respect for people, school and community. Positive reinforcement and a fine balance between letter and spirit make these simple rules the basis for happy, peaceful and productive interactions among teachers, learners and parents. This self-regulation will also stand the children in good stead when they step out into the world.

We all deserve a school environment with positive disciplining strategies that are safe, supportive, and conducive to teaching and learning.


  • Learners must maintain discipline and respect in speech and behaviour within the school premises, as well as when they are off-site, on educational/recreational tours, on the bus, during school sponsored events, etc.
  • No form of dishonesty will be accepted. This includes academic dishonesty, tampering with documents, plagiarism and taking others’ belongings without consent.
  • Learners are expected to be punctual: to class, to the bus, in submitting their assignments, and in any time-bound duty/task/work.
  • Learners are not permitted to leave the school campus at any time during the school day unless permission is granted by the Principal.